Quality Assurance

Rigorous Procedures Ensure Quality Work

W. W. Enroughty & Son’s Quality Management System philosophy is to implement procedures that will ensure our clients a quality product and must be a part of every project. Without question it is every employee’s responsibility at all levels.

Our QM System encompasses such areas as compliance with project specifications, technical requirements, and compliance with referenced standards. Specific functions are: determination of quality criteria, establishment of a plan to monitor quality, and assignment of our QC inspector. Our QC inspector will monitor the project to confirm that procedures are met by following the inspection criteria outlined within our Quality Control Procedure Manual.

It is the intent of these systems procedures to clearly state our common goal of producing quality work in a safe and healthful atmosphere. The satisfaction of our clients and the safety of our employees continue to be top considerations in the operation of this business.

Executive management is responsible for the implementation of our QM System and will maintain a hands-on approach to the fulfillment of achieving these goals.