Commercial Painting

Serving Businesses Large and Small

We specialize in the application of all types of commercial and architectural coatings and finishes, including decorative floor coatings, drywall and wall systems, concrete and CMU systems, and a multitude of other commercial applications.

We also specialize in the installation of commercial wall covering, floor covering and a variety of decorative systems.

Our commercial clients include those in health care, schools and universities, financial services and banking, property management, manufacturing facilities and more.

Maintenance Contracts

In addition to commercial applications, we are available for ongoing maintenance contracts. We currently have active contracts in place with some of today’s leading companies in the marketplace.

These contracts typically cover painting, cleaning, manpower enhancement and image improvements via the placement of crisp, clean colors throughout the facility. These turnkey services offer cost savings to companies as it frees up their maintenance staff to focus on other critical issues or needs within their facilities.