Epoxy Floor Systems

Decorative and Protective Floor Installations

epoxy floorWe have experience with virtually all types of decorative and protective flooring in the commercial and industrial markets. For our application process, we maintain mechanical surface preparation equipment such as diamond grinders and Blastrac machines to properly prepare the surface of all floors before installing any type of floor product.

Commercial Floor Systems

We have installed thin-film epoxy systems to provide both aesthetic appeal and hygienic protection.

Typically, these floors are high-solids and self-leveling systems that can remain the color as applied or can be enhanced with a broadcast of decorative aggregate—including quartz or a variety of stylish silica placed in the finished floor. Additionally, we can enhance these floors with non-skid properties for protection from slips and falls.

These floors are usually applied over surfaces that have been prepared by stone or diamond grinding to promote adhesion to the bare concrete, which increases the life and service length of the floor.

Commercial Customers Include:

  • Schools
  • Universities
  • Hospitals
  • Health care systems
  • Food & Drug facilities
  • Municipal facilities

Industrial Floor Systems

We have installed heavy-duty slurry and mortar systems to prevent chemical or mechanical degradation of concrete, whether from exposure to various types and strengths of chemicals or from the wear and tear due to forklifts or other equipment.

Typically, these floors are high-build epoxy or epoxy slurry systems, which are necessary to rebuild or resurface concrete floors that have been worn to the aggregate from chemical attack or abrasion. These floors are usually applied to surfaces that either have been abrasive-blasted or prepared using a Blastrac machine.

These systems require a greater degree of concrete profile in order to bond to the floor and endure the stresses placed upon them by their exposure.

Industrial Customers Include:

  • Chemical plants
  • Processing facilities
  • Breweries
  • Manufacturing facilities